Why Corporate Event Video Matters

Corporate Video Production – Binder Sitting on Desk

There are very few individuals who will dispute the value of corporate video in today’s era of hyper-consumption. The benefits of engaging your target audience through visual storytelling are endless.

Statistics evidence the increasing use of video across all platforms to deliver content:

How is this applicable to me?

Below, I’ve broken down three types of corporate event video, and considerations that should be given to each one:

  • External Event, External Audience

    When you’re hosting an external event, and want to share the content externally…

    If your business requires you to run or participate in external events, you should be committed to sharing that content on a regular basis.

    Not only will this serve the purpose of developing an online video presence, but it will also allow attendees to continue engaging with your brand long after the event has ended.

    Furthermore, recurring events offer recurring benefits. If you’re organizing an annual event, you can use a highlight video as a promotional tool for the upcoming year.

    Finally, an external event has the potential to produce important moments with your target audience that should be captured. A simple handshake between client and customer can be re-purposed for other types of video – training content, promotional material, and so on.

    Summary: Promote your business by developing an online presence. Connect with your audience before and after the event. Create material that can be re-purposed.

  • Internal Event, Internal Audience

    When you’re hosting an internal event, and want to share the content internally…

    Often, internal corporate events are held for the purposes of professional development.

    The problem is ensuring the investment you’ve made in training is not just a one-time thing. Staff will often leave sessions with takeaways, but lose some of the details.

    Continuous learning requires continuous review, and what better way than by producing a full-length video of the day to be shared with staff?

    Summary: Support staff by enabling them to review what they’ve done or learned.

  • Internal Event, External Audience

    When you’re running an internal event, but you want to share the content externally…

    Countless hours of consideration are given to positioning your business, and communicating to a specific external audience.

    Knowing your target market is only part of the challenge. Audience retention requires regular engagement, and sharing internal corporate event video can help do just that.

    Put it this way: customers who care about your business will go out of their way to view content pertaining to it – so give them something to watch. By providing a look at what goes on within your organization, you can increase brand awareness and demonstrate that you’re active.

    Summary: Engage your audience by giving them a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes.

As you can probably tell, I’m always thrilled to help new clients market their corporate events with a unique perspective. I have experience recording just about every type of event over the years, and I’ve seen the benefits first-hand.

I invite you to have a look through my corporate video portfolio to see some of my work!