My Approach

In all aspects of media production, I pride myself in offering the perfect balance of creativity and efficiency, from concept to delivery.

What does this mean for me?

  • Faster Turnaround Times

    My efficient processes enable me to offer packages with lightning-quick turnaround times.

    For specific information, have a look through the individual portfolio pages.

  • Data Security

    Your project files are kept secure. Once your content is on my computer, additional copies are generated immediately and maintained regularly.

    All of my work is stored on a RAID 10 configuration, and I run automated backups to additional on-site and remote drives.

  • Social Media Management

    I have extensive experience in managing content delivery on a variety of social media platforms.

    This means I can guide you in effectively delivering your final product to your target audience.

  • Confidence

    Above all else, you can be confident in my ability to meet turnaround times, secure your project files, and deliver a final product that exceeds expectations.

How are you efficient?

While creativity is apparent in my portfolio, most will ask me to explain what I mean by ‘efficiency’.

Efficiency doesn’t mean cutting corners. It’s about making minor adjustments to your workflow that save significant time when performed repeatedly.

I’m extremely-well versed with my equipment, and have a strong background in technology.

I’ve memorized major camera and computer functions, allowing me to focus my attention on the creative component of your project.

I also have extensive experience managing a variety of social media platforms. I understand how to quickly and effectively optimize the delivery of your content.

I automate file transfers, meaning that your project files are copied from my memory cards the second I connect them.

I also automate backups. Once your project files are on my computer, additional copies immediately begin generating on multiple drives (both on-site and remote).

I use professional-grade software, optimized for speed.

Photo Mechanic is one example. I can simultaneously transfer, review, and edit your project files, enabling me to begin work immediately and deliver your final product sooner.

This 45-second video demonstrates the speed at which I can transfer, review, and upload content:

I work almost exclusively with keyboard shortcuts, dramatically saving time spent dragging and clicking a mouse to perform tasks.

Could you explain your process?

I have a simple, five-step process that can be applied to all projects:

Step #1 - Request STEP #1 - REQUEST Submit your request to me through my Contact page. I respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Step #2 - Discuss STEP #2 - DISCUSS I work with you to understand your requirements and build a plan. Slider - Checklist Step #3 - Capture STEP #3 - CAPTURE I capture your story through photo or video! Slider - Capture Step #4 - Edit STEP #4 - EDIT I head to the editing booth, and work on the final product. A project number and status updates are provided. Slider - Editing Laptop Step #5 - Deliver STEP #5 - DELIVER Once complete, I deliver your final product through Google Drive, or directly to your social media accounts. Slider - Facebook Circle Slider - Twitter Circle Slider - Instagram Circle Slider - YouTube Circle Slider - Vimeo Circle