How to Create Seamless INSTAGRAM Multi-Post Carousels (+ FREE Photoshop Template)

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Kevin Raposo here with, and today, I’m going to show you how to create an Instagram carousel that looks like THIS using Photoshop.

So, grab my FREE template from the description below, and let’s get started.

Step one: open up the template. You’ll see that I set up ten vertical guides to help you split your pictures in equally sized images. You’ll also see two horizontal guides that help you split up the carousel into a portrait with a four by five aspect ratio, a square with a one-by-one aspect ratio, or a landscape with a five by four ratio.

Step two: drag and drop your pictures into the template. I usually make sure to get them ready ahead of time – so all I have to do is open up a folder, hit CTRL + A on Windows or CMD + A on a Mac to select them all, and then I can place and re-size them one by one. And as I finish each one, Photoshop will just load up the next one for me.

Step three: If you’re going to be marketing with vector graphics or some other text, which can be a very effective way of getting people to swipe through your carousels – go ahead and set that all up.

Step four: Once you’re happy with the design, hit C or click on the crop tool to remove any of the unused space. The nice thing with this design is that it snaps to the edges.

Step five: go to File, Export, and choose Save for Web. A new window will open up – only thing you want to make sure is that JPEG is selected as the export format. Once you’re done, hit save.

Step six: choose where you want to save the pictures, just make sure that under the ‘Slices’ drop down, that you have ‘All Slices’ selected. Then hit save.

Photoshop will now save every slice as an individual image – if you open up the folder where I saved everything, you can see how it turned out.

And step seven: transfer the pictures over to your phone using Google, Dropbox, or whatever file sharing service you like. You can also try using browser extensions to upload straight from your computer, but I’m not about to recommend any because new ones constantly pop up and disappear.

Moving on to the more important part of this video, which is WHY. Why should you bother wasting your time and energy doing this?

The reason is that carousels are THE most engaging Instagram post format, because they provide another opportunity for to the user to take ACTION by swiping right in order to see the next picture.

Now I’m not suggesting that I’m the best at doing this myself – because I’m not, but if you’re a photographer or a content creator in general, you should be doing whatever you can to encourage that action.

Because pretty much every social media platform in the world will reward you for keeping users in the app or the website, by organically promoting your content IF the engagement is high.

And one way to do this is to crop your pictures in a way that encourages the user to swipe right in order to see the entire thing.

One example of a photographer who does this extremely well is David Ramos. I’ve never met him, I’ve never shot with him, but I immediately recognize and engage with his work on Instagram because he crops on the action. If I want to see the subject matter, I need to hold down on the screen or it slides away.

Now obviously, part of making this work is actually having a striking subject and content that people will want to engage with. Because remember: Instagram carousels are just a form of distribution. And distribution is queen, but content is king.

If you have any further questions, just let me know – and I’ll see you, in the next video!

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