General Questions

A full breakdown of my pricing structure and any associated fees can be found on the Pricing & Contact page.

I use professional-grade software for post-production, including:

  • Photo Mechanic
  • Adobe Creative Suite

If you’re looking for further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

While more notice is preferable, I always try to be as flexible as possible.

Regardless of your circumstances, I invite you to contact me and determine my availability!

The answer to this question varies from project to project.

You can always expect a perpetual license to use the content as you require. I am also happy to discuss exclusivity/re-sale agreements.

I retain ownership of the content, except in very unique circumstances.  This is common practice in the photography and video production industries.

If you’d like to discuss this in greater detail, please feel free to reach out to me.

Within the next decade, photo and video cameras will be able to achieve an identical level of image quality. There will no longer be a distinction, enabling the same equipment used for photography to also be used for video production.

The result of all will be a convergence in the traditional role of ‘photographer’ and ‘video producer’. While the required skills remain different, clients will demand both at the same time, from the same people.

We can already see these trends taking shape in 2017.

High-end photo cameras such as the Canon 1DX Mark II can already take almost as many photographs per second (up to 16) as there are frames per second in video (usually 24).  At the same time, it can also record incredible 4K slow-motion video (60 frames per second). Photographers are able to pick virtually any moment in time, and export individual images that can be used for online/small print.

Sport Photography Questions

For an additional fee, I offer immediate on-site delivery of your content.

However, this is in addition to a final set of professionally-edited photographs. The raw files can be optimized in-camera, but they are not the final product.

To give you perspective on the difference between an un-edited and an edited photograph, see below:


Sport Photography - Before Editing

Cropped, Edited

Sport Photography - After Editing

The number of photos I generally deliver is dependent upon several factors, including:

  • The type of sport.
  • The duration of the game.
  • The number of images that turn out.

Please remember that quality is more important than quantity.

For new clients as of April 1, 2017, I charge a flat rate for full-game photography because:

  • The amount of work required for full-game photography is consistent and predictable. Every game has a scheduled start time, an average duration, and a consistent amount of post-processing.
  • Invoicing is extremely straightforward, and can be taken care of prior to the game.
  • Clients no longer need to worry about overtime, or unanticipated delays.

However, if you strongly desire an hourly rate, I’m happy to work one out with you – please reach out to me!

Corporate Video Questions

I specialize in:

  • Corporate Event Coverage
  • Instructional & Training Content

However, I have prior experience in all types of corporate video production. If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to bring it forward to me!

I generally deliver completed content in 1080p.

However, 4K delivery is also available upon request.

I bill half/full-days for recording, and hourly for editing, because the requirements of every corporate video project are variable and unique.

I pride myself on providing clients with an efficient customer service experience, from concept to delivery.

With this said: if you strongly desire a flat rate, I’m happy to work one out with you. Please reach out to me!

For the purposes of billing, I calculate ‘time’ in 15-minute intervals.

I hold myself to a high standard of professionalism, and hope for the same from my clients. If there is ever a concern, I’m always open to discussion.

Ultimately, there is a certain level of trust involved on both sides of a business commitment. You can count on me to work efficiently, but you must also trust that I know when moving too quickly will degrade the final product.

In four years, I have never once had a dispute over time billed with any of my clients.

BRAMPTON, ON – FEB. 4, 2017: Dylan Periana twists and turns for a lay-up in the 100th regular season meeting between the Sheridan Bruins and the Humber Hawks.
HLF Gala - Presenter Image