Thoughts on the State of Media Production

The state of media production has shifted considerably over the last decade.

Photographers and video producers have mostly benefited from the digital era of modern camera technology. However, I anticipate that there will soon be another seismic shift in the way that both of these two industries operate.

My prediction: within the next decade, photo and video cameras will be able to achieve an identical level of image quality. There will no longer be a distinction, enabling the same equipment used for photography to also be used for video production.

The result of all this will be a convergence in the traditional role of ‘photographer’ and ‘video producer’. Hybrid photo/video specialists will become the norm, rather than the exception. While the required skills remain different, clients will demand both at the same time, from the same people.

We can already see these trends taking shape in 2017.

High-end photo cameras such as the Canon 1DX Mark II can already take almost as many photographs per second (up to 16) as there are frames per second in video (usually 24).  At the same time, it can also record incredible 4K slow-motion video (60 frames per second). Photographers are able to pick virtually any moment in time, and export individual images that can be used for online/small print.

I may be a labelled a futurist, but I feel that everything points toward a complete re-definition of the phrase ‘media production‘ over the next decade. This doesn’t even take into account the strides that are currently being made in virtual reality and 360° video content!

Exciting times are ahead.

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